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There after, the goods can be collected or delivered as per arrangement.

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Terms and Conditions:

ASP Bullets are manufactured to international specifications and should only be used in firearms manufactured to SAAMI/CIP standards.
Loading data supplied for reference only, results may differ depending on firearms used.
The user accepts full responsibility for any damages or injury that may occur during use of ASP products.

Terms and Conditions Loading Instructions THV:
– Do not use in Worn or Damaged Firearms.
– COL given are a Guide only.
– Smaller Cases powder is put in both cases and interior of bullet.
– Use tissue paper to contain the powder while seating the bullet.
– Start loads at lower limits and increase by 0.5gr to MAX.
– Check that Feed ramps are polished to facilitate feeding.

We recommend that new brass cases being used for ASP self defense bullets when reloading SME and SMJHP.
For 9mm we recommend Hornady cases. All available from from ASP send email to for pricing.

Improper loading of ammunition can cause serious injuries.
Since hand loading are operations beyond our control, we disclaim all liability for any damages or injury which may result.