Our kit includes 10 brand new 12-gauge hulls and 10 precision-crafted ASP Reaper Slugs. Crafted using a high-quality Russian-made ZWAROG slug mold, these slugs are designed for maximum performance.


The ASP Reaper Slug is meticulously composed of a lead alloy, containing 2% tin, 7% antimony, and 91% lead, achieving a Brinell hardness number (BHN) of 16. This blend ensures stability and the ideal hardness for maintaining ballistic effectiveness on your target.


Each slug is 32g & Wad (500 grain) secured with a reliable roll crimp. This design guarantees stability in flight, even up to an impressive 100 meters, as proven in our rigorous testing.

Roll crimp tools also available @ R360.00 ea.

Please note that load data may vary depending on your choice of shotgun propellants. Always consult reloading data from propellant manufacturers’ data sheets for the best results.


Incredible testing results showcase our ASP Reaper Slugs penetrating 3″ bulletproof glass, demonstrating their exceptional power and accuracy.


One important safety note: These slugs are not recommended for use in choked shotgun barrels.


Upgrade your shooting experience with the 12 GA. ASP Reaper Slug Kit today! Don’t miss out on this outstanding offer.



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