Conversion Tools

Q – Does this tool punch a flash hole in the center of the berdan primer pocket?  How do you go about with the berdan primer pockets that is slightly larger than boxer and making sure the boxer primers seat without loose fit?

A – Yes the tool does punch out the flash hole in the centre. It is not always 100%.

It also removes the anvil and the used primer.

I have converted thousands of these 223 cases and have found a very small amount of cases that have bigger primer pockets.

Normally one has to swage the primer pocket holes to remove the military type crimps.

Please note that this tool should not be used on cases made from materials, other that brass.

If this is a problem, that the primer pockets are slightly bigger, we are busy developing a tool for the 308 cases that have this constant problem, as all the primer pocket sizes are +/- . 17mm bigger. We will then be able to swage the primer pocket smaller. Back to the correct inside diameter. I would suggest that you sort the brass with the same head stamping and determine if the inside diameters are in fact bigger and keep them separate.

These can then be swayed smaller with the special tool.

As mentioned i have found that the majority are actually smaller and have had to you the Dillon primmer swaging tool to open them up and remove the crimp.

I did some comparison measurements on some of the 223 brass that I have.

Please see pictures below? Thus should take care of any misunderstandings!

Q- If I buy a 223 Berdan boxer conversion Tool do I need to buy a swaging press. 

A – NO

Q – I just bought the ASP berdan to boxer .223 die today and I’ve played with it now – wow! What a cool little guy! It’s amazing. This must be some sort of world first – really well done! I really bend a lot of pins because I miss the berdan brass in the pile. Is your pin tungsten or normal hardened steel like the other pins?  Do you have any idea of the lifespan of the pin? I don’t plan to convert piles of berdan to boxer. I’m going to put it in my Dillon XL650 as a failsafe to deal with the occasional berdan stuff that gets mixed in.

The tooling was developed by ASP. The punches are made out of special hardened steel.  The tool life is entirely dependant on the user.

I myself have done thousands of 223 conversions and I am still using the same punch.

We have had many happy customers claiming even better results. The biggest problem causing breakages are:

Stainless steel cleaning media not removed, from wet tumbling. I have broken two punches because of this.  Setting up of the punch.

It is very important to lock both the body of he tool, as well as the punch lock nuts. It is also important to lubricate the punch with thin oil. This can be applied by wetting the tip of your finger with a drop of oil and rubbing the oil on the tip of the punch very lightly.

Q – Where can I learn how to reload?

A – If you like to reload we have all the components in stock to supply you.

If you do not have the equipment we will also have the facilities available to rent at an hourly rate.

We will supply all the consumables except primers and propellent (gun powder). We will then teach you to re load and at the same time you will

be manufacturing or loading your own rounds.

Q – I am currently using Lee Loadmaster.

I reload 9mm for sport pistol shooting.

What would I need to covert Berdan to Boxer?

A – You need a sturdy press to do the conversion.

We recommend a single stage rock chucker press. This will then be used to convert the brass as well as crimp the primer pocket to the correct size.

Two different ASP tools will be required to do this.

We have not tested the conversion tools on the Lee press.

This has however been done on a Dillon 1050 without any trouble.

Q – Please let me know if the (1×) swaging press can be swt up take/interchange both 7.62x39mm & 223/5.56mm?

A – Our ASP heavy duty swaging press, with the required tooling can do all the processes you require.

To convert the 223 brass cases is simple. 

  1. A) Convert from berdan to boxer.
  2. B) Clean.
  3. C) Swage the primer pocket to remove any military crimps. Using the ASP press and SR swaging rod.
  4. D) Reload the cases.

The 7,62 x 39 is a bit more time consuming.

Especially the steel cases.

  1. A) Convert from Berdan to boxer.  
  2. B) Clean cases.
  3. C) Remove any burrs on the inside of the primer pocket due to punching process. A standard pocket tool can be used.
  4. D) Swage/crimp the primer pocket smaller to take a standard LR primer.

This is done on the ASP HD swaging press. Using a crimping die. This crimps the primer pocket smaller.

  1. E) Using the same press using a LR swaging tool the primer pockets are sized to take standard LR primers.
  2. F) Reload as normal.

The ASP HD swaging press can easily be changed for different operations, by changing the swaging tools and case holders.

One can comfortably convert between 500 to 700 plus cases per operation per hour.

We also supply HD quick change holders and clamps to do quick changes of different presses and loading equipment.

Please refer to our accessories section.

Q – How and in which station will you be using the punch on the 650?

A – We have a few clients who do this on a 650 to prepare cases for loading only.

Care must be taken not to damage the shell plate! If you do find burden cases it is advisable to remove the military crimp on most of the cases. This causes problems when inserting new primers if not done. I personally sort out the brass and then convert only the berdan’s. I use a normal single stage press.

Please also bear in mind that the punches are secured in the punch holder using a special glue. This is a safety measure to help prevent the pins from breaking, when retracting from the brass cases, after punching.  If this does happen, please clean the punch and remove any lubricants.  Bond can then be used to re secure the pin in place.

Berdan boxer 9mm – After the primer was pushed out how do you get the boxer primer to stay securely in the cartridge. 

This tool punches the hole in the center and removes the spent primmer only.

The primer pocket is bigger, and a small pistol primer will not be able to be pressed into the case. It will fall out.

For this one u need to swage the primmer pocket hole to the correct size. Additional tooling is required for this.

We have a few options to do this. Using the ASP special heavy duty swaging and press.

Alternatively an ASP 9mm primer pocket swaging tool and a sizing tool needs to be used. The operations depends entirely on your equipment.

The 9mm Conversion process is as follows. Clean cases.  Convert cases to boxer and remove spent primer.  Crimp primer pockets.

Swage primer pockets.  Clean cases.   Resize.  Install primers.  Change cases.  Seat and crimp.  This is the process when using a single stage press.

Q – My wife has a 9mm Glock 42.38 pistol.  We are looking for bullets for her ultimate stopping power for self-defence.  What would you recommend.

A – Our 9mmK (380) 90Gr SMJHP was designed especially for personal home defence.

Traveling at between 980 & 1039 Fps.  This bullet expands to 17mm in diameter once the target is hit. Dumping all the energy into the target. Designed not to over penetrate. 

There is unfortunately not a wide range of bullets for personal home defence available in this caliber.

Q – I’m looking for information on the SME-C AND SMJHP-C AMMO? I’m leaning towards the SMJHP-C but if the other has performed better, I’m open minded. I have a s&w m&p 40 pistol. If you could tell me more about the specs of the ammo, if there’s +p, where i can find info regarding shot/ballistic tests, and give me pricing, that would be wonderful. 

A – Our bullets are designed to dump maximum energy into the target, cause as much damage and not over penetrate. You can load +P!

This will however not have the desired impact for which they were designed.

They will open and the petals will probably break off. It will also over penetrate. 

Our 140gr bullets are designed to travel at about 1150 – 1200f/s. They will then open after about 25mm penetration. Expand to about 127mm and retain its weight. 

We tested the ammo shooting through four layers of denim and two layers of flannel.

Q – I am interested in heads for 9mm and .40 S&W.  What penetration did you get in the ballistics gel?  Have you considered lighter heads than 115Gr? 

A – The tests were done using 4 layers of denim and 2 flannel. Penetration for both 9mmP & 40 S&W were between 220 to 270mm. In ballistics legatine.

For both SME and SMJHP models. The standard weights for our Bullets are as per list.

We have not considered any other bullet weights in these caliber’s as yet!

Our aim was to develop PHD bullets and rounds that will cause major damage and not over penetrate.

Q – What tools do I need for the 308 and 303 conversions? If I have the Hornady lock n load press

A – You will be able to use your press to convert both your 303 & 308 Berdan to boxer, using the ASP 303 & 308 B-B converting tools.

You will however still need an ASP HD Swaging press plus the required swaging and primer pocket crimping tools.

As you know the burden primer pocket is too big to accept the standard large rifle primer LR.

This therefore needs to be crimped smaller and waged to the correct size. 

For the 303B there are two different Berdan primer pocket sizes. 6,28-6,30mm. Copper primers.

For this you will need the ASP 303 copper insert. A punch for the ASP HD swaging press to press the copper ring into place. Then an ASP 303B swaging punch to Swage the copper ring to the correct size to accept the standard large rifle primer.

We will forward pictures explaining the above to you.

You will need the following:

303 Berdan Boxer conversion

308 Berdan Boxer conversion

ASP Swaging press with tool kit

Crimping tool 9mmP & 308

303B Copper inserts

303B Copper Insert punch

303B swaging punch

Q – Berdan de-priming tool for 223 Rem and 9mm Parabellum cases.

Can I use the same tool base for 223 Rem and 9mm Parabellum?

Must the tool base be mounted to the reloading bench to be used?

Does it punch one hole, so that I can use boxer primers?

A – You will require a burden to boxer converting tool for each calibre as they are calibre specific.

These tools are designed to open the case necks if slightly damaged punch the hole and de prime at the same time. This in one single operation.

For the 223 you do not have to Swage fast the primer pocket smaller as this will accept a standard small rifle primer. SR

On some of the military brass you will have to remove the military crimp before re priming the cases.

This can be done using the ASP HD swaging press and SR swaging punch.

Can swage from 500 – 700 cases per hour.

The 9mmP Berdan cases one needs to crimp the primer pocket smaller to accept the SP small pistol primer.

This can be done using the ASP HD swaging press as above.

Alternatively, we have a 9mmP MK 11 360 swaging tool.

This is used in a standard rock chucker single stage press.

Q – Can I use the 9mmP and 308 swaging tools for the primer pockets?

A – These punches can only be used on the ASP HD swaging press.

Please note that the special primer crimping tools are interchangeable.

Our tooling will work on our press.

There are punches for small primer as well as large primer pockets.

The Berdan to Boxer converting tool kits are however calibre specific.

Q – Ek kon nie die enkele militêre Berdan doppe waar die slagdoppie op 3 x plekke teen die agterkant van die dop ge-“crimp” is, verander nie.  Ek wil nie die “punch” breek nie. Is daar ‘n manier waarop die doppe verander kan word sonder om die “punch” te breek?

A – As ek dit reg verstaan het jy die 223 doppe met de militere crimp nie ge punch en die primer uit gedruk nie.  Daar behoort nie n groot verskil in druk te wees , tussen die twee nie.

Onthou ook om so nou en dan n dun olie op die tip van die pons te smeer.  Men’s moet net oppas vir die baie ou doppe wat amper swart is van in die weer le. Hulle is baie hard.

Jy sal die doppe wat convert is, met die crimp, moet verwerk.  Daar is twee maniere om die’ uit te haal.

  1. A) Hand champhering tool. 
  2. B) Met n swaging press..

TERUGVOERING VAN KLIENT – Ek het 100+ x Berdan doppe sonder enige probleme verander na Boxer.  Ek is tevrede.

Q – I am interested in converting berdan to boxer for both 9mmP and .223.

Please let me know what needs to be bought and if the press is interchangeable between the two or if I would need 2 different presses. I am using a Lee Pro 1000 Progressive for reloading and also have a single stage Lee press.

A – You will need to purchase the following:

  1. A) Burdan to boxer converting tools for: 9mmP – & 223
  2. B) You will also have to buy a tool kit to reduce the primer pocket size to accept standard SP primers.  We have 3 options to choose from.

You will unfortunately not be able to use the Lee progressive loader to do the converting of the cases.  A good quality single stage press with a 1” ram will do this easily.

You will obviously need the re loading equipment for your Lee Progressive loader as well.

– Ek wil net seker maak of mens net conversion tool nodig het om 9mm dope van berdan na boxer om te skakel?

A – NO

Q – How to use a conversion Tool

– The tool is designed to locate on the inside diameter of the shell as well as the outside.

Please follow the instructions on setting up the conversion dies?

Once this is done and the lock nut tightened the punch will be in the centre.

Q –  I am interested in buying your burden to boxer punch die for 223 and 9mm respectively. I understand that there is a difference in primer size for the 9mmp cases. Is this the same for 223?  Will I have to buy anything additional to be able to reload the brass once I have converted them?  Sorry for all the questions but I am asking as I would like to see if it will be worth my while to buy the dies for the amount of brass I receive.  As I understand, the primer pockets won’t have to be swaged on the 223 brass but only on the 9mm brass is that correct?  Then I can buy just the die for the swaging extra and not the whole press that you sell to be able to swage the primer pockets?

A – I presume that you have all the correct equipment to re load both calibres.  What re loading equipment do you have?  As for the conversion kits the following is required.

The 223 you can convert without a problem. You do not need to change the primer pocket size, as this is the correct size to take a standard SR primer. The only problem that you might have is with military crimped brass.

For this you can use the swaging press to remove the military crimp. The other method is to move the crimp using a primer pocket champhering tool.

This is time consuming but does the job.  If you have a case prep centre this is a lot quicker.  For the 9mm Berdan case conversion you will need a 9mm conversion tool to punch and de prime the case.

Once this is done one needs to crimp the primer pocket smaller to accept a SP primer.  We do have tooling to do this in a sturdy single stage press with a 1” ram.

We have two options for this. The 9mmP Mk2 pocket crimping tool.  The latest version is the dual tool kit. Here you have two crimping tools to choose from. 360-degree crimp and a 3-point crimp.

You will still have to champher the primer pockets to assist when re loading.  Failing to do this may result in damaging primers when re loading your loads.  In both cases you will use your standard re loading tools and equipment.

Q – I am a sport shooter and have many 9mmP and 7.62×39 burden primers brass that I would like to convert to boxer primer, would you be able to send me a quote on everything that’s needed to convert that brass?

I have a bench press, not sure whats needed.

A – The following is needed:

 9mmP B-B converting tool. R825-00

 7,62 x 39 B-B converting tool. R825-00

 ASP HD swaging press. R3565-00

 Primer pocket swaging tool. SP R390-00

 Primmer pocket swaging tool. LRP R390-00

Q – I am interested in the .223 die that converts your berdan to boxer brass. Once converted, does normal SR boxer primers fit into the brass? 

A – Once the cases are converted from Berdan to boxer, the cases can be primed with standard SR primers.

You will have problems with the military crimped brass, as they seam to damage some primers while seating them.

It is recommended that these cases primer pockets are either swagged or chambered before seating new primers.

This will be required initially only. 

  1. Wat benodig ek om 308 te herlaai.
  2. A) Rock chucker press.
  3. B) ASP Burdan to Boxer conversion tool.
  4. C) ASP HD swaging press.
  5. D) 308 Primer pocket crimping tool.

Met die toerusting kan 308 doppe maklik oor en oor gelaai word.

Standard Large Rifle primers word gebruik.

Koste bespaaring is van R3-R5 per dop aan gesien die doppe gewoonlik teen geen kostes verkrygbaar is.

Advanced Shooting Products website is an online shopping site, which carries a wide variety of our products, and accessories.

Should you have any queries, or require any additional information, please contact Louise on the following

Q – I use 223 ammunition for target/sport use only.


A – We unfortunately do not supply loaded Ammunition.

If you want cheap ammunition, I suggest that you start re loading.

We can supply you with the correct top of the range equipment and tooling.

Alternatively, you can come and re load in our well-equipped re loading centre.

You will have to bring your own primers and Powder.


When purchasing a conversion tool make sure to order an extra spare punch in order to save on courier costs.