Our Story

I frowned. “You are where?” Proudly South African. Has been a great introduction to a company willing to take the risk of research and development to bring us superior local products.

Currently ASP have some great carry ammo out. This has been a joint venture to produce something extremely effective, that will hundred percent guarantee to stop an “armed” assailant dead in his or her tracks. Little known fact but according to one of the directors, Ronnie Teleng, they developed the R.I.P bullet heads before the actual R.I.P ammunition was launched in the United States.  Yup! United States

It is going to make you think twice about what you send down your pistol’s spout when you are confronted with a life and death scenario.


What really mattered I thought was that they invited anyone to bring whatever carry ammunition they wanted to the test, even casual shooters from the range, where they held demonstrative tests, were given the opportunity to pop a round or two of their chosen brands, the comparative testing sessions. 

To say that a lot was revealed, myths put to the test and legends just plain knocked of their pedestals, is an understatement.

Advanced Shooting Products – their products are here to stay.